El amor terminó
y rompió tu corazón.
Que te puedo decir,
si mi vida va peor.
Que te adoro sabrás,
eso siempre será igual.
Algún día veras
que nuestra suerte cambiará.

Come on, why not once you get out of this life in which "all good"?
Why not go down to reality and you notice anything amiss?,
Everything is backwards and that your life is not progressing,
because you cry a little? Not that I like to see bad, but feeling
bad is part of realizing that it is not so good as it was.
Now the world will change now is wrong, very wrong and
you drop and you're dying inside, but it appears that everything
is fine when you know that it is not, do not want you know it,
and we all know, make yourself ill, crying, suffering, realize the
shitty life
you are living in, Take off the bandage, stop thinking
that everything is well when everything is wrong.

Una de esas mañanas

          tan nubladas te levantas

                      y te reclamas

                             ¿Dónde habré olvidado el ALMA?

-Estoy arta de él; míralo :
vacilando por ahi y tocandose su "ya sabes qué" ,
apartando de un manotazo a tú "ya sabes quién",